Call for Papers – 2024

Resetting The Foundation Stones of Relational Practice

Relational Practice exists as a concept in many caring professions including Child & Youth Care / Social Care, Social Work, Education, Medicine / Nursing, Psychology/Psychotherapy and as an ‘approach’ Relational Practice is universally appreciated as one that is necessary to adopt, if we are to be of any assistance to the people we work with and serve. Yet, no single and universally accepted definition exists of what Relational Practice is, instead there are different (but related) interpretations.

It was noted at the UNITY23 conference by one of the speakers that, Relational Practice is a bit like love or humour … we mightn’t be able to clearly define it, but we know it when we see it or feel it.

Building on the success of the 2023 UNITY conference (Refocusing The Trauma Lens), UNITY 2024 will provide a space to meet with colleagues from around the world, listen to and engage in presentations and workshops, get involved in conversations and discussions, and generally get a chance to revisit the core of Relational Practice in the contexts of both learnings from the past and contemporary developments and understanding.

Speakers from around the globe will present across a spectrum of topics that can be viewed as the foundation stones of Relational Practice. Some of these topics might be considered ‘values’; some ‘traits of the effective practitioner’; some could be considered ‘wisdoms’ that need to be known, as well as ‘approaches, techniques, and ways of thinking and doing’.


Presenters are now being sought to deliver sessions at the UNITY2024 conference that can add to the evolving Relational Practice Body of Knowledge.

Presenters are invited to submit proposals and to present on topics that are relevant to the theme of the conference. This might include Relational Practice in a global sense or on some of the key aspects of Relational Practice such as Resilience, Connection & Engagement, Working in the Life-Space, Focusing on Needs, Strength-Based Practice, and Love – to name but a few.

Sessions should describe the relevance and utility of the topic/s being discussed and allow attendees to see how these all come together to allow us all to better understand Relational Practice.

Submit your proposal here.

Submission deadline – 3 May 2024.

Presenters will receive a 50% discount on the cost of the full 2-day registration fee.