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The MISSION of Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association

To create a dynamic and vibrant platform for Non-Resident Ordinary Indians to come together and participate in a wide range of aid and development activities.


The MISSION of Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association (KKMA) is to aid and secure development of its members and the community that represents. KKMA aim to fulfill this MISSION by plan and implementing social change projects, providing educational opportunities, promoting professional and personal growth; and carrying out our social responsibility and enhancing pride within our organization and reinforcing our reputation as a vital Indian organization in Kuwait.


1. Plan and implement social and welfare activities for our members
2. Contribute to social change projects in the community


  • Established: December 16, 2001

  • Membership Strength: 15000

  • Units: 60, Branches: 15

  • KKMA Foundation

  • KKMA Charitable Kidney Dialysis Centers in Kerala and Karnataka

  • KKMA Good Heart Center (Early Detection Center for lifestyle diseases) in Kannur


  • MAGNET Volunteer group for hospital and legal support

  • Arts and Literary Wing

  • Investment Forum


  • FAMILY BENEFIT SCHEME (FBS) – Financial support for family of deceased members.

  • MEMBERS WELFARE SCHEME – Financial support for members in emergency needs

  • PENSION SCHEME – Monthly pension scheme for returned members

  • MEDICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – Financial support for members for treatment of serious diseases

  • HOUSING IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM – Financial support for members for home repair

  • EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – Promoting higher education

  • SELF EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE – Financial support scheme for returned members

  • GOOD HEART CLINIC – Early Detection Center for heart and lifestyle diseases

  • KIDNEY DIALYSIS CENTERS –12 kidney dialysis centers in various parts of Kerala and Karnataka

  • DRINKING WATER WELLS – Construction of drinking water wells in rural areas

  • FREE DIALYSIS SCHEME – Providing freed dialysis services for poor patients

  • HOUSING FOR POOR – Construction of houses for poor members who do not have their own house

  • ANNUAL MEDICAL SCREENING CAMPS – for Indian community in Kuwait

  • CONFERENCES and SEMINARS – on religious and contemporary topics

  • MATHRUKA PRAVASI PADHATHI – A model NRI education program to empower NRI families