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Over View about our KKMA, Unity And Conferences

Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association (KKMA) the leading social welfare organization of Indians in Kuwait is planned to conduct a Unity conference in Kuwait on 1st and 2nd December 2016. The conference held under the theme of “One Voice” is aimed at fostering cooperation and cordial working relations among organizations and the community at large.

This will be a two-day program consisted of:

  • Preconference Leadership Round Table
  • Community Leadership Summit for social leaders
  • Seminar on strengthening communal harmony
  • Unity Conference attending invited scholars and leaders from Kerala
  • Conferment of Community Awards

Unity Conference is all about fostering cooperation and strong working relations among Islamic organizations and the community at large. The theme of this exceptional event therefore is: ONE VOICE.

Unity and brotherhood are the vital bases of Islam and it is an intellectual and natural obligation for us. However, it is pathetic to see the present situation in our community, that we are divided into numerous sects and groups. Therefore, we believe that the Unity is the most basic and most important need today of the community.

This Conference is a humble initiative into that direction and by inviting all top-level leaders and scholars of Muslim organizations in Kerala, we plan to make this event a strong show of our Unity and brotherhood.

During the Conference, KKMA will also confer “NRI Jewel” Community award for prominent community members in recognition of their distinguished achievements in life and in recognition of their praiseworthy contributions for the uplift of community. An high level advisory committee comprised of leaders from all Islamic organizations, and prominent personalities is constituted to oversee the organization of the event. Dr. Amir Ahamed, Ayub Kecheri, Siddeeque Valiyakath, Rajan Rawther, Shamsudhin Faisi, Abdul Aziz TP, Faisal Manjeri, Mohammad MT, Abdul Hameed, Abdulla Vatakara, Mahmood Apsara, Munawar Mohammad, Sathar Kunnil, Mohammad Hilal, Afsal Khan, BP Naser, Mohammad Haris, SA Labba, , are members of this committee.

A Program Committee headed by Sageer Trikarpur as its chairman, Akbar Siddique and Ali Matara as vice chairmen, NA Muneer General Convenor and Abdul Fatath Thayyil, Ibrahim Kunnil, K Basheer, BM Iqbal, KC Rafeek, Hamza Payyanur, AP Abdul Salam and C. Firoz as convenors as task leaders is also formed to work for a successful conference.


Over View about our Events And Conferences

Established: December 16, 2001
Membership Strength: 15000
KKMA Foundation
KKMA Charitable Kidney Dialysis Centers in Kerala and Karnataka
KKMA Good Heart Center (Early Detection Center for lifestyle diseases) in Kannur
MAGNET Volunteer group for hospital and legal support
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  • FAMILY BENEFIT SCHEME (FBS.Financial support for family of deceased members.)

  • MEMBERS WELFARE SCHEME( Financial support for members in emergency needs)

  • PENSION SCHEME( Monthly pension scheme for returned members)

  • MEDICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM( Financial support for members for treatment of serious diseases)

  • HOUSING IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM( Financial support for members for home repair)

  • EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM( Promoting higher education)

  • SELF EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE( Financial support scheme for returned members)

  • MATHRUKA PRAVASI PADHATHI( A model NRI education program to empower NRI families)

  • GOOD HEART CLINIC( Early Detection Center for heart and lifestyle diseases)

  • KIDNEY DIALYSIS CENTERS( 12 kidney dialysis centers in various parts of Kerala and Karnataka)

  • DRINKING WATER WELLS( Construction of drinking water wells in rural areas)

  • FREE DIALYSIS SCHEME( Providing freed dialysis services for poor patients)

  • HOUSING FOR POOR( Construction of houses for poor members who do not have their own house)

  • ANNUAL MEDICAL SCREENING CAMPS( For Indian community in Kuwait)

  • CONFERENCES and SEMINARS( On religious and contemporary topics)

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